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Mandarin Oriental Home Fragrance Warmer Sets

Mandarin Oriental Home Fragrance Warmer Sets



Choose your fragrance experience, and bring The Spa at Mandarin Oriental home.

  • The foundation for all five elements—metal, water, earth, wood and fire—featuring notes of frankincense, mandarin and ginger.
  • This beautiful blend of lavender, mandarin, grapefruit and neroli is inspired by the element of wood to promote clarity and energy.
  • Celebrating the element of fire, this dynamic blend of ylang-ylang, rose, geranium and wild chamomile helps evoke emotional balance and joyfulness.
  • A delicate fragrance with notes of coriander, lemongrass and cardamom to draw upon the positive energy of earth and bring about a light, airy scent.
  • Inspired by the element of water, this unique blend of black pepper, jasmine, ginger and juniper promotes calmness and peace of mind.
  • Notes of eucalyptus, clary sage, pine and frankincense comprise this aromatic scent representing the element of metal and the action of letting go.

Create an in-home retreat with our Mandarin Oriental Home Fragrance Warmer Sets. Choose from one of our thoughtfully crafted aromas—Quintessence, Awaken, Bloom, Flourish, Reflect and Release— inspired by the five elements intrinsic to our Asian heritage that help to nurture your well-being. Indulge yourself or a loved one with this all-encompassing set complete with a fragrance oil warmer and fragrance oil.